Sustainable Quality

Valgrande is a balanced, sustainable and environmentally-friendly urban development. The project arise out of a will to create a new neighbourhood in Alcobendas which is integrated in the city and meets the highest standards of mobility, efficiency and environmental protection. Some of its aims include the creation of two large parks around the Monte de Valdelatas green area and woodlands and the Valdelacasa stream in order to ensure their protection and facilitate the enjoyment thereof.

A focus on the environment

Green Areas

Valgrande will have 579,778 m² of green areas which will protect and contribute to the local natural heritage and will be accessible to all residents of Alcobendas. The green areas within this urban development account for 27% of the project surface area.

Valdelatas is growing with better access

The Monte de Valdelatas green area and woodlands will be better protected and more accessible following the creation of a 200,077 m² natural rural-urban fringe. A new park with easier access on foot and by bike. Valgrande is a project that focuses on preserving and highlighting the value of protected areas.

A new central park for the Valdelacasa stream

The project also aims to protect the Valdelacasa stream by creating a large central park which includes an extensive network of walking trails with trees, playgrounds and recreation and leisure areas. It will be a whole new green area with a surface area of 212,271 m², to be used and enjoyed by all Alcobendas residents.

Sustainability as the backbone

The city is growing and integrated into the new neighbourhood

The Valgrande urban development provides continuity to the existing city and makes it possible for the residents of Alcobendas to enjoy all of the existing natural heritage as well as the new services and facilities planned.

Enhanced road connections

The project includes the enhancement of the outer connections and roads through Alcobendas in addition to preparing a link to the future M-50 orbital motorway. One important measure for decongesting traffic at peak hours will be the underground tunnel for the M-616 road. Plus, Avenida de Valdeparra is being recovered as an urban roadway. The Valgrande roadway design connects the northern and southern areas and structures the new city, facilitating access to the new large parks via “green lanes”.

Innovation, efficiency and mobility

The project has been devised as a “smart district” and aspires to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency, mobility and ecological resource and waste management. In order to do so, it will feature the most modern telecommunications, transport and mobile app assistance technologies. It will also include an extensive network of pedestrian walkways and a bike lane.

The 2030 Alcobendas Lidera Strategic Plan

Valgrande is a city project that aspires to become a driver for economic and social development in Alcobendas over the next decade. This action is based on the guidelines approved in the 2020 Alcobendas Design Strategic Plan which was approved following significant citizen participation.  The development thereof will include the new guidelines from the current 2030 Alcobendas Lidera Strategic Plan.