About Us

Valgrande is an all-new balanced and sustainable urban development that completes the city of Alcobendas up to the border with the city of Madrid. This action is being undertaken by Section S-1 “Los Carriles” and involves the creation of a new neighbourhood within the city.

Section S-1 “Los Carriles” is being developed through a compensation system with the Valgrande Compensation Board responsible for the completion thereof.

The Alcobendas General Plan Section S-1 Compensation Board was constituted on 20 May 2021 based on an Urban Planning Agreement signed by and between the City Council and most of the owners of the lands included in the Section so they themselves could engage in the urban transformation work to convert the current land into a new residential neighbourhood.

The governing board is comprised of various owners and a municipal representative.

This Board is considered a “Collaborating Urban Planning Entity” with the City Council of Alcobendas.  Its fundamental mission in the development of a little more than 2 million m2 is to manage the distribution of rights and obligations among the owners, assigning the public land in more than 60% of the Section to the town council for use as streets, green areas, facilities and land for social housing all while executing the entire inner and outer urban development.

A “Monitoring, Supervision and Control Commission” was also constituted for these actions and will resolve any incidents that may arise in the interpretation and compliance with the Agreement between the owners and the City Council.

Valgrande is being developed by the Anaiz technical and legal team in collaboration with municipal technicians.

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