Valgrande, A City Project

Valgrande is an all-new urban development that completes the city of Alcobendas up to the border with the city of Madrid. This sustainable and innovative action arises out of the will to create a new residential area in harmony with the environment. Thus, the project involves the creation of more than 8,000 homes, public facilities to serve Alcobendas, new business premises and roadway design that decongests entrances in continuation with the avenues currently present.

Key Dimensions of the Urban Development Plan

The main figures for the all-new neighbourhood in Alcobendas

0 m2

in surface area




estimated new residents

+ than 0 m2

for the tertiary and commercial sectors

Nearly 0 m2

of green areas

0 M

in investments generated by the project

Alcobendas is getting a new neighbourhood

Accessible homes

The Valgrande urban development will increase the stock of available housing to the north of Madrid with the creation of 8,600 homes with 55% granted government protection (4,730). This action involves the creation of a new neighbourhood in Alcobendas attracting an estimated 25,700 new residents.

Public and commercial facilities

Valgrande is a balanced and sustainable urban development which includes the creation of new public facilities to serve everyone in Alcobendas. Plus, this new area is also an opportunity for entrepreneurship, retail, leisure and food service.

Integrated into the environment

Valgrande is a city project which will complete the development of Alcobendas at its border with the city of Madrid. In order to preserve, protect and highlight the value of the local natural environment, a progressive reduction in building height has been planned so there is a gradual transition between the current city and the Monte de Valdelatas green area and woodlands.